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The Felino Castle

The Felino Salami Museum  bears witness to the privileged relationship established over time between the unique product that we are all familiar with and its territory of origin.

In this way Felino is paying homage to its most beloved ‘son’, whose history has finally found a suitable home in the magnificent XVIII century cellars of the Felino Castle.

The museum gives us the occasion to get to know and appreciate not only the essence of what has been called the ‘Prince of  salami’ but the territory and the community of which it is an expression, beginning with the quality of the raw material  and including that knowledge which the hands which continue to work the salami mixture have accumulated over time.

The effort involved in bringing to realisation the museum project fully responds to the will to provide a new attraction for experts, tourists and  the simply curious along the route of discovering the ham and wines from the Parma hills.